Muup is a creative agency that emerged from the merger of two distinct brands, 'Multia' and 'UPQODE'. Focused on building e-commerce experiences, Muup operates with a global team of passionate designers and developers. They specialize in creating unique strategies for their clients, ensuring each brand has a distinct perspective and a path to success. Their collaborative approach, which involves diverse minds and perspectives, is aimed at bringing life and vibrancy to the digital world.


USA, Alexandria

Main services

Muup offers a range of services, starting with strategy development that includes industry research, stakeholder workshops, and brand guideline formulation. They have a dedicated team for UI/UX services, encompassing branding, responsive web design, mobile app design, web, and app development. Their expertise extends to e-commerce, where they design and develop themes tailored for various niches. Additionally, Muup's branding services are focused on creating distinct brand identities and extending them across multiple points of contact with customers.

UI/UX Design
Responsive Design
Niche Themes
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Brand Guidelines
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Agency portfolio

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