Track all your “ins” and “outs” in one place, see where you truly stand, and what's driving or hurting your profitability at a glance.



BeProfit offers an all-encompassing solution for e-commerce financial tracking and optimization. It's a powerful tool that gives businesses a clear understanding of their profitability and the factors that drive or hinder it.

Key Features and Analytics Tools

  • Reporting Tools: Live P&L Report for real-time insights, Compare Shops for cross-platform analysis, Retention & LTV tracking, and Real-Time Performance for immediate optimization.

Analytics Suite

  • Products: Detailed profit and cost analysis per product category.
  • Orders: Insights into factors affecting order profitability.
  • Shipping: Evaluation of shipping methods on LTV, AOV, and overall profitability.
  • Discounts: Analysis of discount strategies on profit growth.
  • Marketing: Unified marketing data analysis across platforms for ROI optimization.
  • Returns: Comprehensive analysis of returns by various metrics.

BeProfit simplifies complex financial data into actionable insights, helping e-commerce businesses enhance their profitability through informed decision-making and strategic optimization.

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