Foxify: Smart Page Builder

Free plan available. 90-day free trial.

Foxify: Smart Page Builder


Foxify is a Shopify app designed for easy page creation and optimization. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify and offers a host of features to improve your online store's performance.

Key Features and Benefits

Foxify provides over 80 templates for various page types, simplifying design and saving time. The app offers advanced analytics reports for insights into views, add-to-cart rates, conversions, and sales.

One-click integration with top apps streamlines the process, and you can preview your pages on different devices for consistent user experiences. Built-in upsell and cross-sell extensions maximize sales opportunities.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan: Enjoy a 90-day free trial with basic features to explore Foxify's capabilities.
  • Starter Plan ($19/month): Upgrade for more templates and customization options.
  • Growth Plan ($29/month): Ideal for businesses looking to scale, offering advanced features and customization.

User Feedback and Rating

Foxify boasts a 5.0 user rating, indicating high satisfaction. Users appreciate its user-friendly interface and valuable analytics insights.

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